Accessibility Statement

Website Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

Website Browser

The MASwings website is Javascript-enabled and optimised for the following browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 and above
Netscape 6.0 and above
Mozilla 1.7.3 and above

Visitors using browsers other than the ones specified above may experience some errors and display problems. We recommend that you download the latest version of their browsers.

Display Settings

Our website is optimised for viewing at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

Internet Booking Browser (IBF)

PC Users only:

For smooth transactions on the Online Booking site, please download one of the browser versions listed below. To check your current browser version:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 .0
Netscape 6.0
Mozilla 1.7.3

Visitors using browsers other than the ones specified above may experience some errors and display problems.

How do I check my current Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) browser version?

1. Start your browser
2. Select "Help: About Internet Explorer" from the menu bar
3. The "About Internet Explorer" will list your browser version and encryption level

If you have Version 8.0, with Cipher Strength: 128-bit and Update Versions: SP1 and Q831167, you may proceed with your online booking transactions. However, if you do not have the Update Versions as stated above, you will need to install the following patches:

Service Pack 1 Microsoft Patch KB831167

How do I check that my current Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) is set up for optimum performance?

To ensure that your Internet Explorer is set up for optimum performance, just follow the steps indicated below:

1. Start your browser.
2. Select "Tools: Windows Update" from the menu bar.
3. This will take you into the Microsoft Windows Update webpage.
4. Click on the "Scan for Updates" button.
5. After the scan has been completed, click on the "Critical Updates and Service Packs" on the menu bar on the right.
6. Then click on "Review and Install Updates" if there are any to be installed.
7. Once this is completed, the system will advise you to restart your computer.
8. Upon restarting your computer, your machine will be set-up for optimum performance.

This process needs to be run the first time you are using our Online Booking facility. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the process may take some time.

Plug-ins and software

In addition to the web browser, some sections of the website might require that you download or have some additional software or plug-ins installed on your computer.

Adobe Reader to view our Annual Report, Operating Statistics and Golden Holidays, Enrich World of Riches newsletter and Grads application form.


Please make sure that you download the latest versions of the software listed above to maximise your browsing pleasure of our website. If you experience any problems, technical or otherwise, please contact our webmaster with your enquiries.