Check In

Check In

Passengers can checked in 48 hours before the departure flight regardless of the calendar date. This includes traditional check in, web check-in, self (kiosk) check-in and mobile check-in.

Service Open for
check - in
Closed for Check in
Domestic Flight International Flight
KIOSK 48 hours 40 minutes 60 minutes
WEB 48 hours 90 minutes 90 minutes
MOBILE 48 hours 60minutes 60 minutes
DCS/COUNTER 24 hours 30 minutes 30 minutes


  1. Gate closes 10 minutes before scheduled time of departure (STD) for all MASwings flights
  2. The above info is only applicable to MASwings ATR operations. For Twin-Otter flights, checkin is only available via DCS/ Counter due to the aircraft’s weight limitation (passengers exact weight is required to meet operation requirement).


A. Without check-in baggage

Domestic Head straight to the boarding gate
Other destinations Proceed to the Self Check-in Service Counter for verification of your travel documents no later than 60 minutes before departure.

B. With check-in baggage

Ensure that you bring along your printed boarding pass and travel documents to the MASwings Check-in/Bag Drop Counter no later than 60 minutes before departure.